Three Doors of Ecommerce Growth | Strategic Ecommerce

Many of my strategic ecommerce engagements start with questions and exploration around what is not working. I’m asked; “How do I increase my conversion rate?”, or “How come my CPA is so high?”

Most business leaders and ecommerce operators focus on the physical presentation of the issues, and don’t consider other spheres of influence.
Information about `Being Mindful’, and `Work-Life Balance’ pepper the internet, social media, and glossy magazine covers. We learn, that as individuals, we need to have a balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit. Work too hard and our loved ones and health is neglected. Too much play and productivity and material advancement can slow. We need to be balanced across different life axes, but we don’t translate this same life fundamental to business.

I would first like to qualify the term `Spirit’. In the context of this article; Spirit is the connection to that which is outside of ourselves. From a business perspective, I think about this as our relationships. Our relationship with others, how we show up in our lives, and how we respond to life’s adventures.


Back to the business of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Let’s see how they translate:

    • Ecommerce Mind is all of the strategy, purposeful presentation, and brand. It’s the thought behind every product description, the reasoning behind every camera angle. It’s the choice to curate or be categorical.


    • Ecommerce Body is the physical product. It’s what you sell. It’s your gizmo.


    • Ecommerce Spirit is the relationship or connection you create with your engagement of mind, and body. This can be everything from what tone of voice you communicate with, to how proactive is the communication in being two-way, to the waters you choose to search with your behavioral targeting to find the people you want to be in relationship with, and if we are honest, the people you don’t.


Each of these three facets are equal. All three are needed to WIN and yet, I have never met a person or organization that doesn’t favor one, and also have a least favorite.

What about you? Is your ecommerce strength or inclination in mind, body or spirit? No wrong answers here. Just data. Here is where things get cool, and weird.

With ecommerce business optimization we can create massive results with any of the three doors. In fact, the greatest gain comes not from gently knocking noncommittally on each of the three doors in an egalitarian rhythm, but picking one door, and kicking it down like a Kung-Fu movie. Step through it and OWN it completely. Once you have mastered that door, you can pick another, and do the same.

The ecommerce businesses that I work with that see the largest, most sustainable, and consistent results follow this `Three Doors’ strategy. These teams also tend to be the most cohesive, have the least amount of turn-over, and express the greatest satisfaction. This clarity of focus creates great efficiency and resolve within and among team members.

Your brain may be objecting at this point by telling you that you couldn’t possibly just focus on one thing. What would happen to the other two? Nothing. They will just be. They will just be until it’s their turn for you to kick that door open and own that door too.

Give yourself and your business permission to focus, and be really good at something, instead of spread out and moderately ok at many things. Trust that you can enjoy the work and still create amazing results, and that what you know about life is also true online.

If you would like to deploy this type of strategic structure in your business, a great place to start is taking an inventory of what is already behind each of your three doors. Make lists of the projects and priorities behind each of the three doors. Next, choose a door. Any door. There is no right or wrong answer.

The power in the three doors strategy is not which door is picked. It’s that when one door is the focus, the other two will benefit as well.
For example; let’s say you choose `Body’; and you are going to spend the next quarter making your product the very best that it can be. In order to do that you may ask some of your top customers how it could be improved (Spirit), or engage competitive analysis (Mind) to clarify the real market differentiators. But your focus is always on that one door, and in this case; the very best product.

Do you see how there is no way that the other two doors will not also benefit from your focus? When you have the very best product do you think your customer relationships will improve? Yes! Do you think it will be easier to communicate and compel the purchases? Yes!
This is not a tactically based ecommerce growth strategy, but a long-term holistic approach that grows people and profits. And it works.

OPEN the DOOR. You got this.