Is Emotion missing from your eCommerce?

lesliebdigital - Is emotion missing from your eCommerce?

As we’ve evolved, we’ve learned to double check our emotions––assuming that our gut feelings are irrational and foolish. Even in marketing, we often forget the importance of instinct, as if the hairs on the back of our neck no longer stand up when we feel like someone is watching us. As if first impressions don’t prove true. As if we don’t know what we want if we want it right away.
This has been on my mind lately. In analyzing the various marketing tactics of companies, both big and small, I began to see that most campaigns appeal to the logical and rational part of the human brain, with little regard for what I would call ’emotional marketing’.

Some of this can be attributed to the fact that we are all aware that we’re constantly being sold to. Everything is an infomercial. Everything is fake news. Everything is click bait. If someone is trying to convince us to buy something, they must be manipulating us, right?

If that’s the case, why do we still enjoy shopping? What fun is shopping without advertisements? What fun is buying without being sold to? Without ads and marketing, you may as well close down shopping malls and Amazon; pack a lunch to take with you to the flea market. Product packaging is important and it adds to the enjoyment of the purchasing experience––especially in eCommerce.

This is something well-known within the arena of simple sales. Emotion-based decision-making works well for small purchases, but it is often overlooked for larger purchases. Overlooked by the SELLER. To many sellers, facts and figures are what opens and closes the deal. Too many unsuccessful entrepreneurs, only emotion sells, which is why there are far too many clothing stores with DJ’s and 3 shirts (handmade).

I think it’s time to evolve even further. We need to give ourselves a little more credit. Our emotions are primal, but it is not primitive to take them into account when buying. There is so much we don’t know about ourselves, yet here we are. Still alive. We must be doing something right. So, let’s accept our role as sellers and do it honestly, and without guilt. Because when eCommerce caters to both logic and intuition, no one is a sucker––no matter how emotionally appealing the marketing is. Trust your gut.